As the name suggests, time and attendance software is an intelligent software solution that records employees' attendance in an office. Most attendance management systems are used in schools, businesses, and government offices to record and track employees' entry and departure times. A system such as this can also be used in other industries.

The old systems are less flexible, inefficient, and time-consuming than the newer ones. This system can perform analysis, payroll, assessment, and many other purposes. This is both the digital era and the post-COVID-19 age, so it is highly recommended that all businesses implement such a program.

What are a time and attendance system?

what is time and attendance system

This software collects essential information about the employees at an office and students attending college. This software stores information such as entry, exit, and break times. It can be set up with the off days or configured to give access at specific times of the day. It depends on where it is placed.

It's an excellent system for analyzing the behavior of employees and creating performance reports. This helps resolve many common issues when using other attendance management systems. It makes it easier to pay employees.

We have some facts and statistics to help explain it better:

  • In the USA, 3% are on leave every day.
  • 20% of Americans are late one week out of every seven.
  • It's easier to produce reports on employee behavior with an attendance program.
  • Correcting 80% needs to be done on the manual timesheets.
  • 1 in 3 people attends, but the attendance system needs to be updated.
  • The USA's businesses suffer $11 Billion in losses due to time theft.

Common Issues in Attendance Management Systems

common issue

Most of us are familiarized with attendance systems. These systems are everywhere, like schools, colleges, offices, and more. There are many options: simple pen and paper, digital scanners, scanning codes, mobile computers, and others.

Education institutions with old systems have a lot of problems. They are prone to buddy punching, data storage, and analysis. This is how they make crucial decisions. With this system, employees can easily commit time theft, and there is always the possibility of human error.

The attendance management system data can be used to create payroll, assess behavior and optimize the system. An outdated attendance system makes it more challenging to manage. The newer methods, which use better technology, are more effective in improving compliance, reducing cost, and eliminating mistakes.

Importance of Time- and Attendance Solutions

Importance of a Time and Attendance Solutions

Companies often use multiple methods to assess their employees' performance. Many big decisions are made based on their performance. Performance can be evaluated by how punctual an employee is and how much time they devote to their job. Payroll is one of many applications that can be made from data collected from attendance systems. For various purposes, educational institutes may also use the attendance record of students.

Businesses can make better decisions by moving digitally and integrating the HR, reporting, and payroll systems. By keeping in mind changing working environments, time and attendance solutions can be developed to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to create the payroll. A system that automates the process can reduce errors and streamline the process.

These statistics are from USA businesses and emphasize the importance of intelligent attendance systems.

  • Time theft in a workplace is estimated to cost $11 billion each year.
  • Buddie punching is an expensive activity that costs $373 Million annually.
  • 25% of businesses use a time-tracking application, while 25% use spreadsheets. 14% use touchscreen kiosks. 10% use punch cards. 7% biometric. 3% email.
  • Buddy punching issues are dealt with by more than 75% of businesses.

Tips for Creating a Time- and Attendance-Tracking System

Tips To Develop a Time and Attendance Tracking Software

The decision to upgrade or install time & attendance tracking software can be significant. Before you begin building one, research the topic thoroughly is a good idea. It is possible to develop software in many different ways. Here are some suggestions on how to do it:

  • The cloud hosting of this software allows it to be available to employees, managers, or other business executives. It can be used to keep track of attendance and remote management.
  • A system like this can generate reports because all data are stored in a database.
  • It can be customized to fit the needs of each business. It allows management to view information about where employees work. This can be useful for companies with multiple offices or those with a policy of working from home. It can also help to collect data on the employees' work.
  • Firms may integrate a client billing solution to automate the creation of invoices. This is possible using logs of employees who track time spent on a particular project.
  • This software can be integrated with a company's payroll system and used to automate the salaries of employees.
  • For remote workers, a mobile attendance program is ideal. Such a system generally uses GPS data for location verification and tracking employee movements.
  • An innovative attendance system can also solve common human error problems. It's common for employees to log their attendance multiple times, resulting in duplicate data or forgetting to record the entries. The intelligent system can remind employees to record their attendance and remove exact data.
  • The main features of time- and attendance-tracking software are time tracking, flexible scheduling management, managing absence & pay, integration with project management, policies, etc.

Acquaint Softtech is a company that offers both time and attendance solutions. Our dedicated developers can assist in developing state-of-the-art attendance and time management systems. We have a transparent development process that produces high-quality, bug-free applications.

The Important Features to include

important features to include

Acquaint Softtech is home to highly-skilled and experienced developers. Our team can create a custom-made attendance system for your company.

  • Multiple locations: You can use the system to integrate attendance reports from various offices in the United States or around the globe. It eliminates the need to merge accounts manually for further processing.
  • Holiday configuration: The system can program all the year's holidays in advance. It also generates reports.
  • Flexible schedule: This system can be configured to allow employees flexible working hours and manage multiple shifts.
  • Security: This system doubles as security. It can record the time of entry and provide access to the office. It can also generate temporary IDs dynamically for visitors after approval and allow them to enter.
  • Data storage: A cloud storage solution is used to store the massive amounts of data generated by such a system. This minimizes downtime.
  • Multiple users: This system can be integrated into several other methods, such as payroll and project management. Multiple users can access the data and generate or analyze reports according to their preferences.
  • You can create custom reports to help employees assess their performance and make decisions regarding their appraisals, perks, or other contributions to the company.
  • Automation: The system generates large amounts of data that are almost impossible to manage manually. The system can automate many processes, such as the generation of reports on employee behavior, tardive employees, excessive leave, payroll generation, invoice generation, and payroll.
  • Smart budgeting: Integrated with the financial tools of your company to allow smart budgeting.
  • Time tracking: It records the attendance of all people who enter the building or office.
  • Policy compliance is customizable to ensure compliance with HR policies and applicable government regulations.

What are the advantages of developing time and attendance software?

Benefits of Developing Time and Attendance Software

Each year, new technologies are introduced, and technologies continue to improve. As technology becomes more accessible, so does our dependence on it. All businesses would benefit from a customized software solution to manage time and attendance. These are just a few of the many benefits.

  • It removes the need to keep time sheets manually and creates a dedicated space for them.
  • It has advanced technology and can be used easily.
  • It automates payroll processing by handling payments to employees regardless of their size.
  • It can improve employee satisfaction.
  • It can be used to personalize the process and for branding.
  • This central system allows you to manage attendance regardless of how many offices are located.
  • Real-time attendance reporting will enable you to track the location of your employees, especially when they are attending pre-scheduled meetings.
  • Time and attendance software costs are much less than the effort and time required to manually process all the tasks that depend on them. This includes creating custom reports, invoice generation, project billing, payroll, and invoicing.


A time and attendance program is a software solution. It also uses hardware, such as a biometric scan or a similar device. This keeps track of working hours and attendance. This system has more to it than meets the eye, as the data generated is used for multiple purposes.

Brilliant attendance and time management systems are beneficial to all types of industries. Acquaint Softtech has an outstanding team of professionals who can help develop and implement such a system. We have the knowledge and the resources to take your project from conception to completion.


  1. What are time and attendance software?

    It records employee attendance and generates custom reports. It can be integrated into other systems, such as finance, payroll, project management, etc.

  2. What are the main features of a time attendance solution?

    This software allows visitors, employees, and students to keep track of their exit and entry times. It will use to create custom reports as required. Other features include integration with company systems like payroll, invoicing, and project management.

  3. What should you expect from an attendance and time system?

    Visitors and employees can record their attendance. It also has security features. It reduces human error, duplicates data, and eliminates the need to invest in multiple systems for different locations. It should have features that make it easier to create custom reports and integrate well with other systems like payroll, HR policies, etc.